DMT fighter HUMAM will have his fist fight at the Lindu aji Championship

Posted on 19 Dec 2014
We proudly  announce that our new DMT fighter HUMAM will have his fist Muaythai fight in Semarang at the Lindu aji Championship on 27th December 2014. Humam is 18 years old, originally  from central Java and will fight in the weight category until 54kg. He had his debut fight in kick

Don’t Miss: The Real Muay Thai Fights

Posted on 24 Sep 2013
Never miss it “Bali Summer Fights” will be held this weekend! Tickets are available, contact 0361-8706981  for detail.

Bali Summer Fights

Posted on 22 Aug 2013
Our first fight event is happening on September 28 at GOR Purna Krida, Kerobokan, Bali. Presale tickets are available at Dee Muay Thai Bali (until August 31, 2013).

Seminar by Jom Kitti, Pro Muay Thai Fighter

Posted on 22 Aug 2013
Jom Kitti is an accomplished Muay Thai fighter with over 500 fights and have won numerous title belts: WBC Champion 124lbs (Sapa Muay Thai) 1999 King’s Cup Champion 1999 Bangla Stadium Champion 2009, 2010, 2011 F3 Muaythai Champion, Malaysia 2012 You can train with Jom Kitti and

Seminar by Zig Zach, Professional Middleweight Fighter

Posted on 21 Aug 2013
Zig Zach is Singapore’s most experienced and top professional middleweight fighter.His records is 35 fights, 25 wins (12 by knockouts), and 10 losses. He hold W.M.C Muay Thai Against Drug Champion 2007 tittle, and The Contender Asia 1 fighter.

Seminar by J.J. Ambrose, Professional MMA Fighter

Posted on 15 Jun 2013
MMA professional, GFC belt holder, and the multiple winner of Bellator and PXC, J.J. Ambrose shared his MMA techniques  & experienced during seminar at Dee Muay Thai held on May 10, 2013. For more information on J.J Ambrose is record or contact information please refer to followin

Free WiFi at Dee Muay Thai Gym

Posted on 11 Jun 2013
Don’t want to leave your online activity? No problem. At Dee Muay Thai you can still update your FB & twitter status, read/sending an email, or maybe visiting your bookmarked websites. Dee Muay Thai provides WiFi connection in our gym area for FREE.  

Golden Muay Thai Amateur Fight Night

Posted on 11 Jun 2013
Another Muay Thai event will be held in Jakarta, on June 22, 2013. It’s called “Golden Muay Thai Amateur Fight Night. Our students, Kardi & Dino (Dee Muay Thai Jakarta), will participate in the event.

Muay Thai National Championship – Bali 2013

Posted on 11 Jun 2013
On April 27 to April 30, the National Muay Thai Championship was held in Bali. Dee Muay Thai trainer Riswan, and our fighter Binbin joined as participants in the tournament.